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Whether you are in a home or office, a strong and active internet connection is very important while working.  A poor connection can slow down your work and result in bad performance and compromised outcomes. The Internet is something that you cannot afford to compromise while working and this is the reason why Rock Space Extender came into existence. The Rockspace is the WiFi Range extender that repeats the WiFi signals and allows them to reach dead zone areas.

The re.rockspace.local extender acts like a Wi-Fi booster that prevents the user from encountering internet issues while working.  You can set up this extender for your home or office and say goodbye to the poor connectivity compromising your work.  So,  if you are looking forward to installing the Rockspace Wi-Fi Range Extender, read this post. Here,  we are sharing the simple step-by-step guidelines that can help you to complete re.rockspace.local setup process. So, read on and proceed with the next steps to complete the task.


Before we proceed with the setup process,  let’s understand the basic functioning of the Wireless Range Extender.  Below, we have highlighted some of the important features supported by the Extender and its working. You can check for the  complete details about the features in the user manual guide, but, for clear vision, read on the points highlighted below:

Important: The features of re.rockspace.local may vary from model to model. Here, we have mentioned the basic ones:

  • The Wireless Range Extender supports  802.11 AC Wi-Fi technology with a 1.2 Gbps speed.

  • Dual-Core processor with high power 700 MW amplifier for seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Complete Wi-Fi coverage in different corners of your home and an error-free gaming experience.

  • Smart LED lights on extended can help to find the optimal place for excellent wireless coverage.

How to Setup Rockspace Extender?

 You can set up the extender in two ways:

  • WPS Method ( Wireless Protected Method)

  • Extender Manual Setup Method or Wired Connection

Setup Rockspace Extender With Wireless Protected Setup Method

  • Place your Rockspace extender closer to the router.

  • Now, Plug in the extender to power the outlet. Make sure that it is receiving the proper power supply.

  • After this, you have to wait for a few minutes and then you can click on the ‘WPS’ button.

  • Do not unplug your Wireless Range extender until you see the WPS LED turns to ‘Solid’ green.

  • Now,  you can unplug it and place it in the preferred location. Just make sure that your extender is placed halfway between your wireless router and dead network zone.

  • Connect your laptop or computer to the extended network for checking the live internet connection.

  • Proceed with the on-screen guidelines and complete the setup process.

Setup Rackspace Extender With Wireless Protected Setup Method

Rockspace Extender Setup: Ethernet Cable Connection

  • Place your extender somewhere closer to the router.

  • Now,  connect your Wireless Range Extender to the router using the ethernet cable.

  • Plugin your extender and router to the power outlet and turn it on. Make sure that your device receives the proper power supply for error-free functioning.

  • After this, you need to open any web browser on your computer and visit the http //re.rockspace.local login web page.  If you fail to visit the extender setup page using a web address, you can also use the default IP address of your extender. To find the address, you can refer to the user manual.

  • Once you hit the enter button,  you will be directed to the extender admin panel where you are supposed to log in.

  • Enter the default username and password to login to the extender and click on the ‘Sign in’ or ‘Login’ button. To know the default values, check the backside of your device or refer to the user manual.

  • Choose the ‘Extender’ option to proceed with the setup.

  • Follow the on-screen guidelines and once you are done, click on the ‘Save’ button for applying the changes.

  • After this, you can unplug the extender and place it in a convenient location. Just make sure that it is placed between the Wi-Fi router and the dead zone area.

  • Connect your device to the extender and enjoy seamless internet connectivity in any corner of your home or office.

That’s All!  With these simple guidelines, you can complete Rockspace Extender Setup either using the Wired connection or wireless connection. The setup process is simple, all you need is to make sure that you followed every instruction carefully to complete the task. However,  if you are still in doubt or there is any other technical query not letting you complete the setup process, contact the experts. The professionals are available around the clock to help you and share the best possible solution to resolve the issue.

So, set up the Extender today and enjoy the seamless connectivity in the different corners of your home. 


How to Setup Rockspace AC1200?2020-11-19T06:45:07+00:00

By setting up Rockspace AC 1200 extender, you can eliminate the dead zone areas in your home or office by repeating or extending the Wi-Fi signal coverage.  The extender comes with Cross-Band Technology that receives the signals on one band and transmits it to another which results in more powerful, consistent, and strong Wi-Fi coverage.

To Setup Rockspace AC1200 Extender, follow the steps below:

  • For setup,  you will need the SSID and Wi-Fi password of your router.  Plugin the extender to the power outlet and turn it on.
  • Turn on your computer, and open any web browser on it.  After this, in the URL bar, type the default IP address of your Extender that is;, or you can use the extender web address; re.rockspace.local. 
  • Now, login by typing the username and password, by default the password is ‘admin’.  Out of the available networks, choose your main wireless network.
  • Proceed with the onscreen instructions to complete the extender setup process.  Once your extender is successfully connected to the router, you can take the benefit of Wi-Fi connectivity in the different corners of your home. 

So,  this is how you can complete the Rockspace AC 1200 extender setup for your home or office.

How to Access the Login page of Rockspace2020-11-19T06:36:46+00:00

To access the login page of Rockspace extender, you can use the IP address, or HTTP://re.rockspace.local web address.  After the installation, the default IP address of the extender usually not works.  Here the question arises that how to access the login page of the extender to update the firmware or make any other modifications in extender settings? Well!  The answer is simple; proceed with the steps below and learn how to access the login page after the installation:

Steps to Login to Rockspace Extender:

  • Firstly,  you have to log in to your router. To access the login page of the router, type the default IP address in the web browser.
  • Open Command Prompt on your PC.
  • In the command prompt, type “ipconfig”.
  • IP appearing in the front of the default gateway will be the IP address of your router. 

Once you are successfully logged into your router admin page, you have to find the connected devices list or the ‘DHCP List’ option. In the ‘Connected Devices’,  you are supposed to find the IP address of your Rockspace extender. 

Now, you can use the IP address to log in to the extender. Just type the IP address in the URL bar and hit the enter button. Enter the username and password, tap to log in.

That’s All! You are now successfully logged into the Rockspace extender.

How to Setup Rockspace AC750 Extender?2020-11-19T06:37:58+00:00

Rockspace AC750 extender is a Wi-Fi Range Extender that helps to eliminate the dead zone areas at the workplace or home.  One can easily complete the extender setup process with the WPS method (Wi-Fi protected setup). The extended comes with the best class design and multiple features to share the best experience with users. So,  let’s move to the  next point and learn how to set up the extender:

Rockspace AC750 Repeater setup via WPS

  • To set up the Rockspace AC750 Extender,  you need to plug in the extender to the power outlet present closer to your router.
  • When you see the LED light Blue, you have to press the WPS button present on your router.
  • Within the 2 minutes, you need to press the WPS button present on your extender also. Check if the LED on the device is turning Blue or Red. 
  • Now,  you can relocate the extender in between the dead zone area and router.  Check the Wi-Fi Coverage Strength following the LED indicator. 
  • Once you get the complete coverage strength, you can access the network without any hindrance.

So, these are the steps that can help you to complete the Rockspace AC750 Extender Setup. Consider the points carefully and complete the task without any hassle.

How to upgrade Firmware of Rockspace2020-11-19T06:38:54+00:00

You can update the firmware of the Rockspace extender by logging into the extender page. To access the page, you can either use the IP address assigned to your extender or its web address. So, let’s move to the next point and learn how to update the firmware of the extender for better usage.

  • After you log into the rockspace extender setup page, click on the ‘ administration’ option.
  • Now, under the ‘Administration’ section, you have to choose the ‘Firmware Update’ option. 
  •  Locate the latest firmware file on your PC. Click on the ‘Install’ button and it will take about 2-3 minutes for upgrading the firmware. 
  • During the Firmware Update, your Rockspace Extender will reboot. You need to make sure that the power is not turned off, otherwise, there could be an extender malfunction.

Important: it is recommended to install the form there only from the extender’s official website.

So, consider the above points and update the firmware without any trouble.

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