Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup

If you want to extend the network in a large area, then Rockspace WiFi extenders are the best. The Rockspace extenders provide a great speed of 300Mbps with 2.4 GHz and cover all the dead zone areas for the network. In order to use it, you need to first buy it, and then complete the Rockspace WiFi extender Setup with re.rockspace.local. In case you are confused about how to do this, or what are the steps for the Rockspace setup, then you have arrived on the right page. Here, you will get complete help with the steps for the setup of the Rockspace WiFi extender. But, first, know about the features that make it the first choice to be used for the extension of the network.

Features of Rock Space WiFi Extender

There are various features that used to make it a different WiFi extender than the other extenders. These features are:

  • It provides wide coverage of the area for the transmission even covering the hard-to-reach areas.

  • It is providing life to the dead zone areas created by the poor coverage area of the existing WiFi router.

  • They are universally compatible means you can connect to any router for the extension of the signal.

  • Moreover, it is easy to configure the device in all modes, i.e. repeater mode, router mode, or access point mode.

  • Most of the setups are just a tap on the button away.

 Rock Space WiFi extender Setup

So, all these are the main features that are making this extender be used as the first choice. Therefore, now have a look at the steps required to complete the Rock Space WiFi extender Setup.

Rockspace Wireless Range Extender Setup

Now, you must have a look at the features of the Rockspace extender and must be proud of yourself for making the best choice. So, without making any change in your happiness, let’s make you aware of the steps for Rock Space WiFi extender Setup.

  • Plug your rockspace extender into the power supply and turn it ON.

  • First, connect the system to the Rockspace extender using the wireless method.

  • Then, in the web browser, enter the URL as re.rockspace.local.

  • Now, the setup window will be open for the Rockspace extender.

  • Select the mode for the extender, i.e. access point mode, repeater mode, or router mode.

  • Don’t panic, if the page keeps on refreshing itself at some intervals of time. 

  • Go with the online instructions as they will guide you for the completion of the setup.

  • After the completion of the setup, the setup page will be closed by default.

So, it is much easier to do the setup for the Rock space extender with re.rockspace.local.  There can be small issues that you may encounter during the setup. So, troubleshoot them in the following way:

  • If re.rockspace.local is not working, then enter the default IP address i.e.

  • If still, you are not able to access the page with the working internet, then try to complete the setup on another browser.

  • Make sure the Rockspace extender is on and all LEDs are working.

Rockspace Setup is Done!

These are the simple steps to complete the Rock Space WiFi extender Setup with re.rockspace.local. Now, you have the idea of how easy the setup for the Rockspace extender is. Moreover, you can cover more area than the normal extenders and that too with great speed. So, hurry up! Complete the Rockspace Setup, and have a better coverage area for your network.